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Warehouse of Interactive Machines

As an Interactive Design Engineer, you are in charge of the manufacturing process of cutting-edge innovative interactive machines. This involves everything from coming up with ideas to creating 3D drawings and liaising with both internal and external suppliers.

Interactive Design Engineer

With a background in Audio Visual, technology, and stand building or related to, you are challenged to create new innovative products in a fast-paced international environment, where new becomes old in a matter of days or months. Moreover, with the input of an experienced creative director, software developers and an applied marketing consultant you, as an Interactive Design Engineer, will bring creative thoughts and ideas into reality.

Your work consist of, but is not limited to:

  • Liaise with internal and external manufacturers to gather products, check structural requirements and approve designs;
  • Calculate dimensions, weight limitations and requirements in materials;
  • Describe production methods step-by-step (including equipment and software types to be used);
  • Create detailed designs with computer-aided design software;
  • Design diagrams, maps and layouts to illustrate workflow;
  • Prepare and review rough sketches and review them along with the team;
  • Identify potential operational issues and redesign products to improve functionality;
  • Ensure final designs comply with regulations and quality standards;
  • Create manuals that describe existing products’ operation, features and maintenance.

You have:

  • 1-3 years of work experience in manufacturing and engineering techn(olog)ical products;
  • Hands-on experience with Computer-aided design software;
  • Star in the use of 3D modeling tools, good math skills;
  • You speak and write English fluently;
  • Degree from a technical college;
  • Technological understanding in Design applications.

What’s in it for me:

  • A more than competitive salary;
  • Enable to work with the newest materials and technologies;
  • Growth opportunities along with the start-up;
  • Working in a dynamic and creative environment.

Company description

WIM is dedicated in making marketing tangible and accessible through interactive solutions, WIM connects consumers to more innovative and engaging experiences in the physical world.

Moreover, we rent and sell specialized hardware for interactive solutions and brand activations with home-developed software solutions to display. Additionally, our rental stock combines unique ready-to-use products and specialized hardware for the creation of interactive solutions. Furthermore, whether you need straight-forward photo booths or complicated touch projection walls, we got you covered! In addition, we offer day-to-day rental solutions, with or without support; furthermore, we welcome medium- to long-term lease for fixed installations at Museums, shopping malls and other public locations.

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