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Ariel NANO Pods launch

Ariel NANO Pods launch with WIM Multi-sensory technology

The project

It was an exciting day as @arielarabia launched their new NANOpods at the iconic @aindxbofficial in @bluewatersdubai. The innovative pods are set to revolutionize the way we do laundry with their 100% stain removal and zero residue capabilities. To make the launch even more special, WIM provided our unique sensory technology experience for visitors to explore how this revolutionary product works. Read on to find out more about this amazing event!

The Activation

The Multi-Sensory cabin provided by WIM allowed guests to get a hands-on experience of the new NANOpods. Through the use of our innovative technology, guests had the chance to go on a virtual laundry journey with Ariel. Guests could discover how each step of the laundry process works and feel every aspect of it, from the sound of a washing machine to the smell of fabric softener.

The launch was an incredible success and we are so proud that WIM was able to be part of it. Our Multi-Sensory cabin provided guests with an interactive experience that made the journey of discovering NANOpods much more exciting and immersive. We look forward for more exciting adventures!


  • The Multi-Sensory Cabin

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