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ATM 2021

Arabian Travel Market 2021 Saudi Arabia

The project

The Arabian Travel Market 2019 was hosted again at the DWTC where Saudi Tourism Authority displayed their latest updates. We were honored to uncover the journeys of these massive development destinations, coloring the beauty and future of @visitsaudi at the @arabian_travel_market with many of our interactive exhibition ideas. WIM created the Multi-Sensory Cube, one of our sensory technology solutions that brings together smell, touch and hearing. It is a Immersive Multi-Sensory Experience to all tourism destinations, like @discoverneom, enhanced with scent, airflow, and temperature.

Our interactive exhibition ideas of the development destinations:

  • The Transparent Touch OLED display brought you all the latest destinations and services of Saudi Airlines;
  • The circular touch display uncovered the development project at Ad Diriyah and all about its body’s history;
  • What secret lies beneath the ancient history of nature and heritage of AlUla, showcased on our Interactive pillars;
  • Scroll around the digital globe and find the new hidden gems in the Red Sea;
  • Discover Amaala, at the heart of the Riviera of the Middle East in the Sonic Chair;
  • Discover NEOM and zoom into ‘the Line with’ our magnifier tangible table.
  • An Immersive Multi-Sensory Experience with our state-of-the-art Multi-Sensory Cube.


  • Transparent T-OLED display
  • Circular Touch display
  • Interactive Pillars
  • Cube
  • Magnifying Ring

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